Friday, April 1, 2011

Let's Break the Rules and Help Some Folks

Why do you always have to help people through the legitimate channels? As this great poster shows, there are a lot of ways to give.

Have any suggestions for somewhat unethical ways to help people? Share them! Just want to lol? Do that too.

A Momentous Achievement

Yesterday, something incredible occured. The world will never be the same. The sun rose and fell, just as it has for eons and epochs. In cyberspace, the eternal cries of the trolled was met with the giggle of trolls just as it had since the beginning of time. However, something had changed. The universe was forever altered and a new era had begun.

This new epoch in human history is known as Post +200 Followers Reflections with an Erection Era or simply P+200FRWAEE.

How does it feel like to be part of history?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Star Wars if it was more realistic

This is a pretty funny take on Star Wars. I'm not going to post it all here but if this sounds interesting to you check it out here.

If not just let me know you're not interested in the comments :D

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tips for Successful Blogging

This post is long overdue. I noticed that there are a lot of ways I could have improved my blog that would have made life easier for my followers. Now, I am always looking at ways to streamline and to get better.

I also notice that many of my followers are also publishers themselves. So in that spirit, I decided to make a list of things to make your blog more successful and a little easier on your own followers.

1. Take off the damn captcha!

It uses us as slaves in doing evil shit like converting the sum of our vast human wisdom and knowledge kept in books to immortal digital form for the entirety of the future population to enjoy. And also just to waste our time in general.

Captcha is also a pedophile

As funny as the memes that come from the pain in the ass that is captcha, it simply isn't useful. The inconvience it causes anyone who wants to comment on your page isn't worth the convience of not moderating spam. On blogger, if you simply go to settings -> comments -> Show Word Verification Off, you will make the life of your followers just a little bit easier.

2. Limit the number of posts shown on your front page.

While having old articles is great for getting views to older content of yours, it isn't any good for anyone with a less than top of the line internet connection. It limits the speed they can load you page and often overwhelms their connection by loading lots pictures simataneously. Go to your settongs and change the number of posts shown to 2-3 max. Also set the settings to hide some of your post so that they can click if they actually want to see the content rather than being forced to load your last 7 posts to view your homepage.

To change this setting, go to Settings -> Formating -> Show At Most 2-3 Posts. It will make the life of those who enjoy your blog a little easier.

3.  Limit the amount of content you have on your page to a reasonable amount.

Someone actually thought this was a good idea

While having fish swim around, globes showing visitor locations, and ads in every single free inch of space seems like a great idea to get clicks, it really doesn't make visiting your blog a pleasant experience. I'm not knocking having cool little additions to your blog, I love those free additions that display statistics as much as anyone. I am just saying to keep it to a minimum so that your blog isn't a confusing mess.

- If you are going to use popups, please only use one ad site. Having more than one popup is irritating and unnecessarily slowing to the following process. It is actually better to leave them off in general. No one else clicks them and most of the pages they link to are swimming in viruses.
- Try not to have more than 3-4 picture ads, it slows down computers.
- The additions like fish, stat counters, location globes all shouldn't add more than 3-4 pictures.
- In total, try to limit the number of pictures someone needs to load on your page to 15 or so. This is excluding posts revolving around pictures as people are actually often seeking out that content for a reason.

Anyway, these are my top three tips. If anyone has any other useful tips for making your blog a little more successful, feel free to share it in the comments!