Saturday, February 12, 2011

A New Egypt

Mubarak has finally stepped down. He has ceded power to the upper level of the military. This is the second successful uprising in the Arab world in the last few months. The rest of the repressive and totalitarian leaders are probably watching their own populations very closely.

Egypt, along with Tunisia, has been an overwhelming success for the power of the general public. Arab leaders will be more cautious in the future. The fact that an uprising can appear so spontaneously and unseat the most entrenched leaders in weeks has to give them a little caution in their decision making.

This is a positive force for good in the region, regardless how their government turns out.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Noise Canceling Headphones

So, I've been looking for a pair of headphones for awhile now. My budget is limited, as I am quite willing to sell my extra organs to pay next semester's tuition. Despite that limitation, I fucking love listening to music. It honestly makes my life better and makes hours and hours of engineering homework bearable. This being said, I have a couple problems with headphones I usually buy.

1) I am screwing with my future self's hearing.

Fuck people. Who really wants to give in and walk away from assholes being loud in the library?

Life is full of distractions and I'm not the the kind of guy to relocate or otherwise deal with them like a responsible adult. I'd rather bleed out my ears than move from my favorite spot.

Why must you taunt me, copper wiring?
2) Headphones just don't work very long. This is true of any pair that you buy on a college student budget. They just don't last long enough. It's a mixed bag though. I've had some last for months while some last for weeks.Still, I'd prefer a little reliability in something I depend on.

This however, dear followers, is the past. I have finally found the headphones that won't make me shit blood in frustration.

I have problems

The Sony MDRNC7 Noise Canceling headphones. My best and most trustworthy friend recommended me these headphones and I love them. They run about 35-40$ which is a little more pricey than I normally would go, but these are well worth the investment.

 These headphones are all around amazing. The noise quality is fantastic. The music doesn't have a metallic, tunnely, or muffled sound you sometimes get with headphones (like the somewhat cheaper Colby Noise Canceling I tried once). Another neat little factoid about them is that they fold up very intelligently into a tiny pouch. I took these to Mexico on my recent trip and it was very convenient. I had also treated them slightly rougher being in a carry-on bag than I normally would have and luckily they are pretty damn sturdy.

If this sounds nice to you, go ahead and check them out here:

This is actually the first pair of headphones I've ever owned that I am completely satisfied with. If you're in the market, I highly recommend.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Make Your Life Complete Part 2

So my classes are in full swing after a week of snow days. So while I'll catch up, enjoy some pictures while I think of real content to entertain you.

I'm not going to lie, I was thinking about being surprised by zombies more than anything

Ending your life is similar to making it complete, right?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Make Your Life Complete

Most of the time, the stuff you buy is just a variation of a theme. Nothing unique, nothing especially different, and you get it because that's what everyone does. You buy a bed because you want to sleep. You buy a toaster because you want to toast shit. It's just  to get something done, to meet some need.

I'd like to show you some stuff that goes above and beyond that.

This is what you will say when you look at the greatness I found.
 For example look at this fucking bed/desk/stairs/closet. I don't even have words (except those above).

Enjoy the rest also.

This is a calender uses timed the ink penetration in order to tell the date.

The only downside to this bed is how easy it is to murder you.

 The only watch I can read without a long awkward silence as I figure out the time.

Used to lure your prey out so you can shove a needle in their neck and righteously kill them in a room covered in plastic sheeting.