Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am not reliable

Hello my fellow bloggers. I am heading out to travel once again. It has been a lot lately, I know.

This time I'm gone for two weeks. While I'll have internet access, it isn't going to be a great time for blogging.

Anyway, today enjoy some more pictures:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nature you is scary!

Fungus Turns Ants into Zombies, Then Eats Their Brains

by Stephen Messenger, Porto Alegre, Brazil on 05. 9.11
Travel & Nature

The daily life of a hardworking carpenter ant must be pretty repetitive, what with the constant marching and relentless leaf-cutting -- unless they run across a fungus which has the power to turn them into mindless, bumbling 'zombies', in which case, things can get interesting. Researchers from Penn State studying ants in Thailand have stumbled upon one of the spookiest parasitic phenomena ever recorded: a fungus that doesn't just kill its insect host -- it invades their minds and forces them to do its bidding.

This strange new fungus, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, is a nasty parasite indeed, transforming its host ant's typical 'go-with-the-flow' attitude into one that's a bit less orderly. Infected ants have been observed deviating from their peers in line, seeming to lose direction as the growing fungus seizes control of their basic motor ability.

Once the fungus has reached the ant's head, it causes the insect to clamp-down on the underside of a leaf which locks in place as its jaw becomes dislocated -- subjecting the ant to a painful, self-inflicted death.

A few days later, the fungus forms a spore-rich structure from the dead ant's brain where it awaits its next unsuspecting victim.

David Hughes, one of the Penn State University researchers involved in the study, explains the phenomena to

The fungus attacks the ants on two fronts. Firstly by using the ant as a walking food source, and secondly by damaging muscle and the ant's central nervous system, resulting in zombie walking and the death bite, which place the ant in the cool damp understorey.

Together these provide the perfect environment for fungal growth and reproduction.

Recently, a similar parasite was found to be infecting several ant species in Brazil, but until now the physical process behind the phenomena had yet to be fully understood.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Return

My first post back will be marked  by discussing an unusual medical condition that requires a copious amount of female masturbation to treat. This is the only suitable return story I could find.

The court ruled in her favor and now she can masturbate at work

BRAZIL, May 11, 2011.- A woman aged 36 was enabled by the justice to masturbate in her workplace because she has a strange disease.
This is the story of Ana Catarina Bezerra Silvares, an employee of an accounting firm, a divorced mother of three who lives in the village Vila Velha, EspĆ­rito Santo.
The woman suffers from a rare condition known as “compulsion orgasmic”, caused by a chemical alteration in the brain region of the cortex, which leads her to masturbate several times a day to relieve the deep anguish that it causes.
Under this circumstance, Bezerra started legal proceedings with the company where she works that eventually won and that enables to masturbate for 15 minutes every two hours, besides using the computer to see erotic images that stimulate her desire.
The Brazilian newspaper North Regiao reported that the woman confessed, “There was a day I had to masturbate 47 times”, adding: “I began to suppose that this could not be normal, and decided to seek help.”
Currently, Bezerra follows a treatment that includes a potent cocktail of sedatives which gets her to “only” masturbate 18 times a day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Miss me?

Hey folks.

As you might have noticed my posts have been a little thin lately. I am dedicated to finishing up studying for all my finals next week and I'm having to fit that in between work. It sucks.

Anyway, thanks for the support. I'm glad I'm still getting hits and sporadic comments. I will definitely be back to normal by next week Thursday!

Enjoy these random pics.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking a Dump

As every other person in the world has noted, Osama bin Laden is dead.

I felt like I shouldn't be the only one not to mention it.

Anyway, this comic perfectly explains my pooping habits:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Record!

This is the longest streak I have ever went without posting. I've been feeling the end of the year crunch. I had two tests, a scholarship deadline, and an internship interview all this week. And today I am leaving for a civil engineering conference in my state until Saturday night.

So I think I have a few decent excuses to suck at posting. Sunday I wil be back and at it!

Thanks for all the support even though I haven't been too active.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday

I am going to be so fucking busy this week. So I apologize for the lack of posts/support in the near future.

But it is only temporary, I promise.

Also enjoy this random crap I found on the internet:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

SpaceX aims to put man on Mars in 10-20 years

The private Space Imdustry is taking off... Hopefully to Mars.

SpaceX aims to put man on Mars in 10-20 years

"We'll probably put a first man in space in about three years," Elon Musk told the Wall Street Journal Saturday. "We're going all the way to Mars, I think... best case 10 years, worst case 15 to 20 years."
SpaceX is one of the two leading private space companies in the United States and has won $75 million from the US space agency NASA to help its pursuit of developing a spacecraft to replace the space shuttle.
The California-based company last year completed its first successful test of an unmanned space capsule into orbit and back.
"Our goal is to facilitate the transfer of people and cargo to other planets, and then it will be up to people if they want to go," said Musk, who also runs the Tesla company which develops electric cars.
The US space shuttle program is winding down later this year with final flights of Endeavour set for next week and Atlantis in June, ending an era of American spaceflight that began with the first space shuttle mission in 1981.
When the shuttle program ends, the United States hopes private industry will be able to fill the gap by creating the next generation of spacecraft to transport astronauts into space.
"A future where humanity is out there exploring stars is an incredibly exciting future, and inspiring, and that's what we're trying to help make happen," Musk added in the interview.
Earlier this month SpaceX unveiled what Musk has called the world's most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy, which will have its first demonstration flight at the end of 2012.
The launcher is designed to lift into orbit satellites or spacecraft weighing more than 53 metric tons, or 117,000 pounds -- more than twice the capacity of the Space Shuttle or Delta IV Heavy launcher.
SpaceX, short for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is one of two private companies that NASA has contracted to transport cargo to the International Space Station.
Musk, a South African who made his fortune in the Internet, created SpaceX in 2002.
(c) 2011 AFP

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be Wary of the Powerful

When you sue a giant multinational corporation for anti-competitive actions such as forcing end users to purchase their equipment to receive normally free software bug fixes, you have got to be ready for them to come after you from every angle. In jail, it is a little difficult to continue your lawsuit without a settlement out of court.

This is one of those fascinating stories that involve government acting quickly to apprehend a heinous criminal before wondering later, "Er, why exactly was it so urgent to arrest this guy?"

Cisco accused of orchestrating engineer's arrest

The arrest of Peter Alfred-Adekeye was retaliation for a lawsuit, his company claimed

By Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service
April 20, 2011 09:37 PM ET
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Cisco Systems orchestrated the arrest of Multiven founder Peter Alfred-Adekeye last year in order to force a settlement of Multiven's antitrust lawsuit against Cisco, a Multiven executive said on Wednesday.
Multiven, an independent provider of service and support for networking gear, sued Cisco in 2008, alleging that the company monopolized the market for its software. Cisco countersued, charging that Alfred-Adekeye hacked into Cisco's computers and stole copyrighted software.
In May 2010, Alfred-Adekeye was arrested in Vancouver, Canada, on 97 counts of intentionally accessing a protected computer system without authorization for the purposes of commercial advantage, according to his arrest warrant. He could be sentenced to 10 years in prison and a US$250,000 fine if convicted. The arrest came to light only this week after local Vancouver press reported it.
After 28 days, he was released on bail, but he has not been able to leave Canada since then, said Deka Yussuf, an executive vice president of Multiven in charge of marketing and public relations. Multiven is based in Redwood City, California, but Alfred-Adekeye lives in Zurich, she said.
The case has been stalled for the past 10 months because the U.S. Attorney's office has not been able to present the evidence required to extradite Alfred-Adekeye, Yussuf said. Alfred-Adekeye's lawyers believe the U.S. officials may have misled Canadian authorities about the need to arrest and extradite him, and they initiated hearings that are going on now in Vancouver to investigate this possibility, she said.
After the arrest last May, Cisco and Multiven settled the civil case in July. But Cisco is behind the entire criminal case, according to Yussuf.
"We believe this is Cisco's retaliation to the landmark antitrust lawsuit that Multiven brought against Cisco," Yussuf said. "It is our belief that Cisco has engineered this entire criminal arrest and litigation against Adekeye to force Multiven to settle."
Before the arrest, Multiven's case had been near to going before a jury, Yussuf said.
Cisco dismissed Multiven's accusation in a written statement.
"This is an absurd claim from Multiven. This case is a matter between US and Canadian governmental authorities. We understand that the genesis of the extradition request was an arrest warrant issued by a U.S. judge, which was based on a criminal complaint returned by a Secret Service Special Agent," Cisco said.
Alfred-Adekeye was unexpectedly arrested while giving a deposition to Cisco's lawyers at Vancouver's Wedgewood Hotel.
Multiven's suit alleged that Cisco forced owners of its equipment to buy Cisco SMARTnet service contracts in order to get software updates and bug fixes. That locks out independent companies such as Multiven, the suit said.
"We alleged that Cisco is harming consumers and the marketplace and competitors like Multiven ... by forcing their customers to purchase SMARTnet agreements with (Cisco) to obtain the critical software bug fixes, which should be made available to any customer who has purchased any software," Yussuf said.
Multiven's concerns echoed those expressed by some customers, who have complained that Cisco should fix its own bugs free of charge just as other companies such as Apple and Microsoft do. Some users have said the problem becomes complicated with second-hand and refurbished hardware. Cisco service contracts can't be transferred from one user to another, so buyers of used gear typically have to send the product in for inspection by Cisco before they can purchase a new contract, which can be an expensive process. Also, there may not be SMARTnet contracts available for discontinued products.
There is a large market for used Cisco equipment, fed by both buyers who can't afford new gear and those who need a router or switch model that is currently unavailable new, according to Brad Reese, research manager at BradReese.Com, which sells refurbished networking gear and services. He estimates the worldwide secondary market for networking gear at $2 billion, with 90 percent of sales being Cisco equipment.
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