Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Return

My first post back will be marked  by discussing an unusual medical condition that requires a copious amount of female masturbation to treat. This is the only suitable return story I could find.

The court ruled in her favor and now she can masturbate at work

BRAZIL, May 11, 2011.- A woman aged 36 was enabled by the justice to masturbate in her workplace because she has a strange disease.
This is the story of Ana Catarina Bezerra Silvares, an employee of an accounting firm, a divorced mother of three who lives in the village Vila Velha, EspĆ­rito Santo.
The woman suffers from a rare condition known as “compulsion orgasmic”, caused by a chemical alteration in the brain region of the cortex, which leads her to masturbate several times a day to relieve the deep anguish that it causes.
Under this circumstance, Bezerra started legal proceedings with the company where she works that eventually won and that enables to masturbate for 15 minutes every two hours, besides using the computer to see erotic images that stimulate her desire.
The Brazilian newspaper North Regiao reported that the woman confessed, “There was a day I had to masturbate 47 times”, adding: “I began to suppose that this could not be normal, and decided to seek help.”
Currently, Bezerra follows a treatment that includes a potent cocktail of sedatives which gets her to “only” masturbate 18 times a day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Miss me?

Hey folks.

As you might have noticed my posts have been a little thin lately. I am dedicated to finishing up studying for all my finals next week and I'm having to fit that in between work. It sucks.

Anyway, thanks for the support. I'm glad I'm still getting hits and sporadic comments. I will definitely be back to normal by next week Thursday!

Enjoy these random pics.