Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Libya Violence Escalating

If you are anything like me, you should be watching this. With the recent popular pro-democracy uprsings in the middle east, no one knows what to expect anymore. Gadhafi was a strange often eccentric dictator, and not to mention a general asshole. He recently reacted differently then other modern 21st century dictators in his willingness to openly slaughter his citizens with mercenaries, snipers, and jets.

That is a final desperate act. His army is splitting into factions, his fighters are flying his jets into foreign countries and surrendering his weaponry. He has lost control of parts of Libya. His own diplomats in the UN and in the US are calling this a genocide and asking for intervention. He can't even trust his own security forces. He is pretty close to fucked.

Anyway, these recent events are a lesson to totalitarianism leaders across the world. People will only deal with being stepped on for so long. If the only way you can hold you country together is through fear, then what do you do now? Popular uprisings have successfully overthrown two dictatorships and are in the midst of taking down a third. There is just not any fear to keep the little people from proving that they are more powerful than their governments.

I have great hopes for the future. This is truly an exciting time to live.

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  1. Thats critical, i dont know what happens next!

  2. yeah the first step for a best world

  3. doubt those 'totalitarianism leaders' will learn, theyre probably all disallutional