Monday, February 7, 2011

Make Your Life Complete

Most of the time, the stuff you buy is just a variation of a theme. Nothing unique, nothing especially different, and you get it because that's what everyone does. You buy a bed because you want to sleep. You buy a toaster because you want to toast shit. It's just  to get something done, to meet some need.

I'd like to show you some stuff that goes above and beyond that.

This is what you will say when you look at the greatness I found.
 For example look at this fucking bed/desk/stairs/closet. I don't even have words (except those above).

Enjoy the rest also.

This is a calender uses timed the ink penetration in order to tell the date.

The only downside to this bed is how easy it is to murder you.

 The only watch I can read without a long awkward silence as I figure out the time.

Used to lure your prey out so you can shove a needle in their neck and righteously kill them in a room covered in plastic sheeting.


  1. haha, the things some people come with. you should do a follow up piece on the sales numbers for these.

  2. Those are some awesome pictures!

  3. I want that first bed/room thing. I don't care what it takes, I am getting one.

  4. lots of clever and innovative concepts you got going on there. i'd love to have a staircase with a slide to go with it in my home.

  5. These are cool, I'll take the contact lens mouse please!

  6. the desk/bed thing is sweet, and same to the hammock bed... do want.

  7. i want the nutella thing cause i'm f#cking starving... i guess i lose.

  8. what the human mind can think up, and then create, never ceases to amaze me. the mouse lens blew my mind, but could be a bit incriminating if trying to hide a porn tab ha

  9. That toaster is great! I want it!