Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Night with Billl Nye

Yesterday, I made a post about seeing Bill Nye live. I realized that a lot of you aren't from the US and wouldn't have heard of him. To be short, he was the host/writer of one of the most popular science education shows in the United States. He inspired a generation of kids to develop an interest in science.

Anyway his lecture was awesome.

He is funny in real life as he was in the show. The focus of his talk was to inspire the scientists/engineers in the crowd to make a difference. He talked a lot of the problems we have with the human population, addressing skeptics of climate change, and the need for science education. He gave a list of specific problems we could address involving city design, solar panel efficiency, material science, and ending a ridiculous farm subsidy system that makes beef cheaper than salad.

It was funny, it was inspiring, it was educational, and it was pretty much everything I expected from Bill Nye the Science Guy.

and yes he had the bowtie!


  1. Well I got an interest in science, and its not from Bill Nye!
    Still sounds cool you saw your hero!

  2. Man your so lucky man to see Bill Nye! It must have been awesome!

  3. goddamn i would still watch that show!

  4. I remember Bill Nye! And I'm from Canada! He was the science guy! We used to watch his tv show in science class. :D

  5. great post. looking forward to reading your next one

  6. looks like you had a good time. cool guy

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  8. Bill Nye always has a way of making science sound like a lot of fun.